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I am a lawyer by profession working in the government.I have been obsessed by the idea of doing something for myself and assisting other people or young men who have had their time in the schools and now they are in pursuit of employment. I am saying "doing something for myself" because in the process I believe I will have an opportunity of learning new skills which originally I may think it is for others to use though the information is helpful to me as well. No body is such a perfect creature as not to need new skills in life. One time I was talking to my mother who told me  'if I want to experience changes in my life I should open up my mind to new ideas and adopt a stance of a perennial learner'. I believe that remains to be true as long as I live to experience anything in my life.
In my life as a student(then in college) I was subjected to vocational skills training, which were in my view superficially administered to students. In the long run we couldn't come up with independent creative thinking save for believing we were being prepared to seek for employment in public or private sector.
Since being employed in the government I meet young men who ask for help to get jobs for them to be self reliant and free from dependence to their parents or guardians, whatever applies to them. With competition it is difficult to get employed now days. However, there is another option which is being overlooked. That is self employement. I want to learn how to do it for the sake of sharing with others.
It is out of this understanding that I have come to the idea of putting in place this blog. I believe and hope that it will serve the purpose I intend to the society.

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